We couldn't be happier with you and how you run your school. I truly believe you are providing such a wonderful gift to these children through dance. They learn to listen to direction, they gain self-esteem, they understand what amazing bodies they have and they have so much fun. - M.G.

Claudia Newman began teaching dance in Maine during the 1950's.  After also teaching in Germany, she settled in the Central Michigan area and began instructing classes at Farwell and Harrison High Schools.  In 1960, Mrs. Newman founded the Newman School of Dance in Clare, Michigan. The studio was sold to Jacqueline Newman Harrison in the fall of 2013.  Mrs. Newman continues to teach a variety of classes at the Newman School of Dance and most enjoys having her great-grandchildren as students!


The Newman School of Dance is a member of the Clare Chamber of Commerce, the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters (CNADM), and the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association.